Those were the days

I’m sat here on this rainy day, reminiscing when events could happen and people were allowed to be near each other. That feels like a lifetime ago, but we have to stay positive that things will get back to some sort of normality (let’s hope) and we can do face to face things again! SoContinue reading “Those were the days”

Why Ireland?

So I’ve been currently on furlogh since beginning of May, as mentioned in my last post and have been staying in Ireland with my mom, three dogs, a pony named Freddie and a donkey named Neddie. It’s been pretty great but it was a process to decide whether to come over here or not. IContinue reading “Why Ireland?”

Why Events?

Right now I’m currently sitting in the middle of The Burren in Ireland. I am lucky enough to have family (mom) living here, so with lockdown I packed up my bags, dog and have been here for the past couple months. It’s right by the Atlantic Ocean and well I can’t complain really. So IContinue reading “Why Events?”