What do I do as an Events Manager?

So I thought I would go into a bit more detail about what I do as an events manager, pre covid.

As mentioned in my earlier post, I did events at University and started planning birthday parties, etc when I was a teenager. This then helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my career and go for it!

In my current role, I am super lucky to have planned some amazing events. The picture is from when I did (I think) my 5th event at the House of Lords, which was a luncheon for about 40 people. It’s quite funny as I find the smaller events more challenging then the big scale events for 1000 people. I give all of the events my full attention, but the smaller ones I feel that if something goes wrong (which luckily it doesn’t) that it would be noticed more.

As well as planning nice luncheons, I plan the large scale award ceremonies at RoPSA which are held in London, Birmingham and Glasgow. These range from 800 – 1000 health and safety professionals and is a major highlight of the events calendar. I am lucky enough to have great support from my manager and can introduce new ideas without being shut down.

As an events manager I feel that that is really important. You want to be able to grow your events each year as well as keeping them in line with corporate guidelines, but you need to have the support from your company to be able to do this. We recently introduced an entertainment aspect to our awards, which is something completely new but sometimes you just have to go for it and if it doesn’t work you know for next year. Events are about taking risks and you have to be brave enough to do that.

I also plan conferences, networking events, product launches and forums. They all take up a huge amount of time and I make sure every detail is covered and nothing is missed out (as mentioned in my I love to plan blog).

I would say there isn’t one event that I probably haven’t done. I helped on weddings, easter egg hunts, charity walks, you name it! The main thing is to make sure that they keep getting improved each year and listen to what the clients want. Feedback is so important and its something that I use in each planning stage of an event.

Speak soon

Letty x

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