What’s been going on?

I’ve majorly lacked on blog posts recently. It’s crazy how time gets away from you and to be honest, I have more motivation to write when I was in Ireland then I do now. Probably because I can’t even keep track of days at the moment and wake up in a blur most mornings.

Well I have now moved out of my home house (someone from Ireland I know calls there home this and its stuck with me)! I’m now officially a landlord? How crazy is that. Feeling pretty positive about it and I don’t feel any sadness strangely. When I locked it up and gave up the keys, it was more excitement and bit of relief? Like now I can officially start my next chapter, well in a couple weeks when my new pad in London is ready.

I couldn’t of done it without my dad. He was over every night after I finished work, helping me move my stuff out, telling me I have too many clothes you know all the normal stuff. I think he was more emotional then I was!

I’m also pretty busy with work. As we have had to post pone our award ceremonies this year we are all working so hard to get all the awards out in the post. I’ve never done so much packing in my life but I now know how to use a franking machine, add that to my skills!

I’ve ventured out to a couple pubs and a restaurant as well, which was nice to have some form of normality. I’m just hoping it stays that way.

I’m now ready to get back into my blogging and focus on it a bit more. Any fellow bloggers have any top tips?? Also how have you all been?

Speak soon,

Letty x

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