Another one bites the dust

This past week I have seen a lot of events be cancelled or the most popular word ‘postponed’ until 2021, although venues are now starting to open up again.

This gets me thinking, will events be ready to attend by 2021? Will delegates be wanting to attend events in 2021? It’s something that I feel cannot be answered at the moment or in the near future. It is still completely up in the air at the moment. That is my thought anyways.

With any event going forward, it will need to have some sort of virtual aspect. Whether that be live streaming of presentations, recording of presentations, drop in sessions or creating a virtual event. This is positive as delegates from all over the world could access these, but then it can take away from being there on the day. Although if you have that option it could be a win-win situation.

I for one, will be looking to keep running as many virtual events as possible. One thing I have noticed is how popular they are. Whether I am running them or I log on to attend one. The engagement you get is always quite high and it’s exciting to see. It also gives some hope that events aren’t forgotten! They are just taking a small break (we all need one of those).

Do you think you would be attending events anytime soon? When do you think conferences/awards will start running again? Do you live virtual events?

All these questions! Let me know in the comments.

Speak soon,

Letty x

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