Back to life, back to reality

This song has been in my head for the past week! I only know that line, so it’s on constant repeat in my head.

I am now sitting at home on my sofa, away from Ireland, away from the sea and amazing hikes. I am trying to get back to reality and trying to get back into my life routine.

I’m also back at work this week which is keeping me majorly busy! I’ve got lots of exciting projects coming up and sort of getting back into my ‘I love planning zone’ but again remembering to not get too obsessed.

It’s quite exciting planning everything virtually. It’s definitely a different mindset then planning a face to face event. I feel going forward majority of face to face events will have to offer some sort of virtual aspect, whether it live streaming or access to recorded presentations after.

I was asked the question today when do you think face to face events will start running again? I honestly don’t know. My gut feeling is not until early next year. I would like to hope it would be no later then that as I think people are going to be missing that interaction. Its all good doing zoom events and meetings but having that physical communication is super important. In fact my friends have banned the word zoom from our group chat as we can now see each other (socially distanced) so never want to zoom again!

Are you missing that interaction with people? Do you think face to face events will be starting earlier?

Speak soon

Letty x

P.s. The picture was one of my last bottomless brunches which I miss terribly!

P.s.s. I’m super sorry if that song is now stuck in your head

One thought on “Back to life, back to reality

  1. I think you’re right about in person events resuming early next year. I too miss being able to ((hug)) people. Those connections feed our humanity I believe. You keep yourself safe&well! Bev


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