I LOVE to plan!

I love to plan. I love to know what’s going to happen and when. I love to know every detail. I love for people to know I know every detail. I love to know (said that word alot in that paragraph).

Luckily I can relax a bit in my personal life with the planning aspect, I’ve gotten a lot better over the year, but career wise it’s all in the plan!

Every event I organise has details planned down to when the final cup of coffee should be on the table or the band need to start playing exactly 2 minutes before the crowds start tumbling in. In the world of events you have to have this mentality. If you don’t, then things could f**k up. But when they do it’s important to remain calm and of course, have a plan!

This present moment and past couple months is probably the first time since I was young where I’ve not really had to plan anything. I wake up in the morning, with no idea what’s ahead for the day and just go with the flow. It’s quite liberating actually and is a new way of thinking which I’m not used to. I think it has had a major positive impact on my mental health.

I’ve really been able to sit back and think about my future, where I want to be, what I want to be doing and where I want to live. Also having my mom to talk things through with has been a massive added bonus.

I guess in a way, I have still been planning but not to the extreme that I normally do. I have made some life decisions which I’m super excited about and can’t wait to share. I am excited to get back into work again, but I’m also excited about my mindset I feel I now have with my personal life.

So yes, I still love planning but maybe at a reduced level. I don’t want to feel as stressed and on edge.

I’m ready to get back into the world now and kick some ass!

How are you all feeling?

Speak soon

Letty x

3 thoughts on “I LOVE to plan!

  1. Gosh…this so seems like me☺ I love to plan…I like when things are organised and flow properly but being home these few months has taught me that there are some delightful moments to be had when things aren’t planned so I guess I am learning how to balance both☺ Great read.

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