The letters W F H

I am was back off furlough last week, then back on again for the rest of the month. It was great to see my work colleagues again, as I work for a small company we have such a tight team and all get on so well that it’s hard not seeing each other! I also can’t believe how quick the week went. It was a blur! It feels so normal to be working from home (wfh) now, is this how it’s going to be for the foreseeable future? Also the picture is my view as I’m wfh of Neddie the donkey!

When it was first announced that we would be wfh fulltime, it didn’t really faze me too much. I wfh one day a week anyways, so thought what would an extra few days be like? The office was manic with everyone running round, trying to sort out computers and it was a bit stressful! I luckily have a laptop, so didn’t have the added stress of trying to get my whole desktop computer back to mine and plugged in.

Once I got home, I told Oscar he would see me every day at home, which he barked at so that makes me think he was excited! Set myself up on my dining table and got to work.

I tried to stick to a normal routine which included having Oscar’s dog walker come in (until that wasn’t allowed the week after) took 5 minute breaks here and there, ate lunch at the same time. All the things you should do. I then found after the first few days I wasn’t having breaks, skipping meals and oh man my back started to hurt. I also wasn’t liking the fact that when I logged off for the day I still felt like I was at work as my laptop was right there, staring at me while I was cooking and eating.

I am lucky enough to have my own place with a spare bedroom, so took the decision to turn that into a small office. With the help of my dad (he is the DIY King) I managed to get a desk and chair sent in the post pretty fast and set it all up, the day Boris announced we would be going into lockdown for the rest of the month. It was nice to be able to see my dad for that time, as I know it would of been awhile before I saw anyone again, apart from my neighbours and the occasional person walking past my front window.

Once my office was all set up and I added some cute trinkets, I felt like I was ready to take on wfh and also the lockdown. Those first couple weeks flew by as I was so busy, which I can’t complain about, and I was talking to colleagues everyday which helped with the tiny bit of loneliness I was trying to avoid feeling. I facetimed my mom probably 10 times a day, scheduled chats with my friends and started doing home workouts. The weather also helped and I could sit in my garden with Oscar. There wasn’t much more I could do apart from sticking to a routine and just taking everyday as it comes.

I can’t believe how long ago that was, it seems like forever. How have you found this time? I would love to know.

Speak soon,

Letty x

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