Why Ireland?

So I’ve been currently on furlogh since beginning of May, as mentioned in my last post and have been staying in Ireland with my mom, three dogs, a pony named Freddie and a donkey named Neddie. It’s been pretty great but it was a process to decide whether to come over here or not.

I was working from home beforehand from the middle of March and back in the UK. At first, it was ok, as I do wfh (work from home) once a week or when I need to fully concentrate on a project. I set myself up a office in the small bedroom and brought my dog’s bed in to keep myself company more than him. He ended up sleeping in the other room most of the time anyway! Apart from Oscar, I live alone. I have been single for just over a year and lucky enough to have my own place which I am super proud of and I love it. However when your in it every day and not being able to see anyone it did start to have an effect on my mental health. Luckily I was super busy with work and took time to zoom with friends and family, but still not being able to physically see them was hard. I know a lot of people would of been feeling the same way.

When I was told I was going on furlough in May I had a break down which hasn’t happened for a while. I cried for most the day and must of called my mom about 50 times worrying about having nothing to do and being on my own. While I was having this ‘sad day’ my mom managed to chat to the ferry company and get me confirmation that I could come stay with her in Ireland and also bring my dog. This was a huge relief to me as I am such a social person, that I think I would have struggled to continue lockdown with hardly any communication. I mean I speak to my dog all the time, but he can’t exactly talk back to me. Unless he is hungry.

So here I am now, residing in a beautiful place and writing a blog. My dog is loving life and at the moment, I am as well. I am doing a lot of soul searching and up to this point a phone detox, but I find myself getting addicted to writing now!

I hope all my readers are using this time to focus on themselves. I would be delighted to hear how you are all coping ❤

Speak soon,

Letty x

7 thoughts on “Why Ireland?

  1. It’s good to hear what you’re up these days. It’s been 3.5 years since I finished work … time goes by so quickly. Stay safe x

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  2. Thank you for writing about this! And thank you Thea Thoolika for a tagging this blogger.
    I came to Ireland 2.5 years ago all by myself. I live happily with my boyfriend now, but sometimes I would ask myself how would I be coping with living alone in the lockdown. I am glad I read this post because I have a friend that might find your post soothing.
    I have been using this time to the maximum to explore, create, enjoy and I even started my own blog! Zumba kept me pretty busy, too! 🙂
    I wish you all the best with your blogging. 🙂


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