Why Events?

Right now I’m currently sitting in the middle of The Burren in Ireland. I am lucky enough to have family (mom) living here, so with lockdown I packed up my bags, dog and have been here for the past couple months. It’s right by the Atlantic Ocean and well I can’t complain really.

So I thought I would share a bit more about why I ended up doing events.

As mentioned in my first post, I am an events manager for a charity. I’ve been working the events ‘world’ for about 6 years. I was lucky enough to get a job straight out of university, which was a huge achievement for me as I really messed about my first year but managed to graduate with a 2:1 in Event & Venue Management. I did a placement at Blenheim Palace which I think really helped.

Anyways (I tend to get side tracked as my brain is always going at 100mph, which can be a good thing in the industry I work in but not necessarily personal life) from when I was little I was always a planner and a leader. I was also quite competitive about most things, which can be seen as good or bad. I planned birthday parties, family holidays, school events, including the Year 13 prom which was a turning point for me and really made me realise that events is what I wanted to pursue a career in.

After pulling my finger out and stepping up during my last couple years of university, I graduated and started my journey as an events coordinator for a payroll organisation which planned about 50 events a year. I managed the events, did all the administration work (which was an absolute pain but I realise now how important having those admin skills are) attended the events, travelled round the UK and really enjoyed those couple years of starting off!

I am now in a position where I am planning large scale events in the UK and internationally, which range from award ceremonies, launch events, conferences, and many more. Also recently online events which is where things are seeming to go with everything that’s going on.

I feel very happy that I picked this career and I feel like I have achieved a huge amount in my working life and I have a great manager to thank for that.

But what’s next for me? That I do not know and is one of the questions I will be answering!

Speak soon

Letty x

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